T.C. PFEILER  "One For Wild Bill Davis" - CD TWR 201706
30 years after the LP “Wild Bill Davis / T.C. Pfeiler - 70th / 30th Anniversary Live Concert” was released, we recorded this bluesey swinging CD-album, dedicated to my great friend, teacher and mentor, Jazz-organ pioneer Wild Bill Davis, born William Strethen-Davis on Nov. 24, 1918 in Glasgow / MO.

He passed on Aug. 17, 1995 in Moorestown / NJ. But when you listen to this tracks you can feel he was with us.

So let´s call it the “100th / 60th Anniversary Recordings”. For Wild Bill´s full biography go to www.wildbilldavis.com

Inquiries: twr@tonewheelrecords.com

T.C. Pfeiler - Hammond B3 organ & organ bass: #1-20
Rudi Renger - Guitar: #1-19
Michael Honzak - Drums: #1-19
Miss Ulrike Muehlbachler - Drums: #20