"Vintage Bar & Lounge Sound" Vol. 3 - CD TWR 201303
  T.C. Pfeiler & Miss Ulrike Muehlbachler 
   Original vintage instrumentation:
   Hammond B3 organ & organ bass
   Hohner Cembalet 1
   Hohner String Melody (1)
   Hohner Clavinet L
   Weltmeister Claviset (1)


All compositions by T.C. Pfeiler

This album is our invitation for a trip into the
world of true vintage sounds, soft rockin´,
swinging and with some Latin flavour.
Relax and enjoy this wonderful collection
of true live recorded high quality easy
listening music.

15 smooth and tasteful arranged

Samples (just from a few songs):
Song 1:  
Song 2:  
Song 3: 
Song 4: 
Song 5:  
Song 6:  
Song 7: 
Song 8: 
   T.C. Pfeiler:
   Hammond B3 organ & organ bass,
   Hohner Cembalet 1, Weltmeister Claviset (1),
   Suzuki MX30 Melodion, Hohner String Melody (1) keyboard,
   Flute (Hammond Sk1 keyboard), Piano (Hammond Sk1 
   keyboard), Electric Piano (Hammond Sk1 keyboard),
   Hohner Clavinet L, Tubular Bells, Percussion

   Miss Ulrike Muehlbachler: drums

For listening to the track samples "Real Player" has to be installed. If you don´t have, we suggest to download from www.real.com