"Vintage Bar & Lounge Sound" Vol. 5 - CD TWR 201306
  T.C. Pfeiler & Miss Ulrike Muehlbachler 


   Original vintage instrumentation:
   Hammond B3 organ & organ bass
   Hohner Electra Piano T
   Hohner Pianet L
   Hohner Cembalet I (1)
   Hohner Clavinet I (1)
   Hohner Symphonic 30N ("beat organ")
   Hohner Basset
   Schiedmayer Effect Celesta “Celestina”


All compositions by T.C. Pfeiler

A collection of great originals, played on some
of the finest vintage musical instruments.

21 tasteful arranged instrumentals.

Samples (just from a few songs):
Song 1
Song 2:  
Song 3:  
Song 4
Song 5
Song 6:  
Song 7:   
   T.C. Pfeiler:
   Hammond B3 organ & organ bass, Suzuki MX 32 melodion  
   Flute ((Hammond Sk1 keyboard), Hohner Clavinet I (1)
   Hohner Electra Piano T, Hohner Pianet L, Hohner Cembalet I

  (1), Hohner Basset, Hohner Symphonic 30N „beat organ“
   Schiedmayer Effect Celesta “Celestina”, Percussion

   Miss Ulrike Muehlbachler: drums

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